Back Yard Bible Clubs: Cataula, GA – Day Two

Another exhaustingly joyous day has passed in Cataula, but it has certainly not passed in vain. So often we come to the end of a long day and we wonder if our efforts were profitable or vain. Today, was no such day.

We woke up, ate quickly, devoted some time to God’s Word and then we began our day of labor. We gathered at the pastors home with 9 eager teenagers and before the day was done they were worn out, covered in paint and looking forward to the evenings mission endeavor. In all we hauled away 6 downed trees, cleaned, caulked and primed an entire house and burned away a rather large brush pile. A full days work.

After a welcomed meal we watched the rain blow away as we set up at the local elementary school for our second night of Back Yard Bible Clubs. Tonight, we had twice as many kids but just as much fun sharing the gospel of Christ. Alicia Bustillos had her opportunity to teach and she, like Morgan before her, did an incredible job. She taught of God’s preeminence over all other gods using the story of Elijah and prophets of Baal as an example. The kids were engaged and they proved to have learned well when Brian Reid stood before them asking questions about the lessons they had learned.

In all it was a grace-filled day and it was certainly not spent in vain. We spent ourselves sharing the love of Christ and God strengthened us to share the gospel of Christ. My prayer is that tomorow will prove to be even more God-honoring…but hopefully not as tiring. Brandon Franks will have an opportunity to teach tomorow and his lesson is a clear presentation of the death, burial, resurrection and victory of Christ. Please pray for him.

Until then we will sleep, hopefully.


About Justin Wheeler

Justin Wheeler is the preaching pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Wylie, TX. He is married to Leigh and has three children.
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1 Response to Back Yard Bible Clubs: Cataula, GA – Day Two

  1. Brooke says:

    I am praying for you all. It is very exciting to read what God is doing there.

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